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Leveraging the Algorithm: What's the Optimal Social Media Frequency?

by Caroline Bacon

The key to boosting social media engagement lies in leveraging the algorithm. You know that consistency is crucial, but every platform has a unique audience and interface to handle. So, what’s the right schedule for your content calendar? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Here’s our breakdown of the optimal posting frequency for each social network.


LinkedIn boasts 141 million daily active users interacting with their networks during the workday. The ideal is at least once a day to ensure your content’s highest viewership, but even weekly posts can increase followers seven times faster than monthly ones.

Next Level: Engagement begets engagement. Don’t just post – interact with others’ posts 

Compelling content reaches beyond your followers. The algorithm will display your post to the network connections of users who comment or react. According to LinkedIn’s analytics, posting as often as weekly can double your engagement.

Visual media is essential to captivating interest. Posts with images receive comments at double the rate of those without, and videos get five times as much engagement as text.


Similarly, at least one daily Facebook post is ideal for online visibility. The platform still maintains its status of third-most visited website. Of Facebook’s 2.95 billion global monthly users, 67% are active every day. A daily post can expand your following four times faster than one or fewer each week.

Even if organic engagement is low, remaining active on Facebook bolsters user recognition of your content. Facebook Pages share an average of 1.68 posts each day, while a typical user spends 30.1 minutes active on Facebook.


Instagram has several ways to share content. The best approach is to keep your feed updated 3-5 times a week. If you’re using stories – once a day is the metric to meet. Developing an enticing feed with various media such as carousels, short videos, and reels will encourage continued engagement with each post throughout the week.

Growing your Following: Instagram Reels

Video content proliferates your followers and compels viewer engagement. Reels account for 30% of the time users spend consuming Instagram content. They are an optimal strategy for getting engagement outside of your following, with 1 billion daily reshares via Instagram DM. They also live on in the algorithm, unlike posts – you’ll see engagement with your reels months after posting them.

Next Level: Target the Explore page.

Posts that draw engagement will appear on the Explore page for users who interact with similar content. Instagram is the top platform for user-brand connections, and using relevant keywords and hashtags encourages your content’s appearance in searches and on the Explore page for interested users.

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