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Financial Advisor Marketing Trends of 2022: Getting a Leg-Up on the Coming Year

by Advisor I/O

We often see that the full spectrum of what marketing touches isn’t top of mind when it comes to marketing. From brand positioning, social, search, email, advertising, and client servicing – marketing should be built into the entire customer experience.

That’s why it’s imperative to follow trends to understand what clients want and stay relevant and competitive in your industry. They may come in various sizes and shapes, but each trend that crops up offers a unique and important insight.

You’ll hear a lot about 2022 marketing trends over the next couple of weeks. Most of it will be noise, but some good ideas will come to life.

So here we go, The 2022 marketing trends and what you can do about them.

Trend 1: Founder-Led Marketing Strategies Will Win Their Markets

You’ve seen this across players like Morning Brew, Tesla, Jack Butcher, Ron Carson, Barry Ritholtz, Onramp Invest, etc. – but founder (or founding team) led marketing strategies are only going to become more dominant.

We don’t think brand channels will be replaced, but with personal brands at a peak now, in many instances, you’re going to see individual handles/channels/emails lead the way on the comms front for all types of company sizes, and you may not even see brand channels. If your CEO or team isn’t out there pushing the message publicly from their individual channels on social as a core part of your marketing strategy, you’re wasting time and energy.

We’re well overweight individual channels vs. corporate channels from an organic perspective.

Trend 2: Brands Will Get Used to a World of Cookieless Marketing

It started with Apple vs. Facebook, but it’s widespread now. Email tracking, ad tracking, etc. – cookieless marketing is here to stay. As a marketer, it’s a bit annoying but leaves room for opportunity.

What this means:

  1. Your creative, targeting, and ad copy is more important than ever. You can’t half-ass creative anymore. Platforms will continue to overweight video. We’re seeing video crush right now on CTRs vs. images.
  2. On-platform conversion/lead gen ads will be prioritized (i.e., Facebook forms, LinkedIn forms). Yes, you’re likely to get lower quality leads due to auto-fill, but we’re seeing these form types be prioritized by the systems and much lower CPLs for high-ticket B2C or B2B.

Trend 3: Video-Shorts, Quick-Stats, and Threads Will Be Prioritized in all Channels.

If TikTok has done one thing, it’s highlighted how important it is to have well-edited, short-form clip content for social. Longer-form content is still where the gold is on deep-engagement, but you have to ensure for social you have quick (well-edited) clips, data points, charts, threads, etc., teed up to drive your social strategy. 

This also means that you have to have the systems setup to cut down larger pieces – blogs, podcast, videos – into shorter pieces. The best way to do this? Creating templates. We cover those here.

Need an example? Look no further than Morning Brew and Dan Toomey.

Trend 4: Client Experience and the Automation That Goes Into it, Will Get a Facelift

In a world of chatbots, hold lines, and submission forms, people are (finally) realizing the gold for small brands is in client service. But as you scale, client servicing is a scale challenger.  You have to build a well-thought-out client experience engine to combat this.

This means automating with intention. We’re going to see so many brands aim to roll out the Apple effect in the new year.

Some ideas:

– A set of welcome emails that welcome someone to any brand, practice, or firm

– Setting up client forums/channels to enable easy communication vs. ticket submission

– Creating client-only digital workshops and sessions

– One-to-many client-first video series

We think AI has a major role in the next phase of client comms, customer service, but we think it’s to-be-determined on how that comes to life, and we think we’re 2-3 years on having viable options.

Trend 5: People Will go Back to Trusting First-Party Data and Brand Marketing

In the last 7-10 years, we’ve become obsessed with two things: third-party data & performance marketing. The last two years caused everyone to step back & realize: No one knows your client better than you, 3rd party surveys barely predict trends, & brand marketing wins the day.

Trust your own data, talk to your clients more often outside of a sales context, lean into putting out good content at a high volume and measure your own performance. Ignore the third-party data and the “research” reports.

The Bottom Line

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, be mindful of the environment you’re in. Success needs a healthy mix of shadowing trends and creating them. Instead of resisting that change, track, understand, and adopt it.

What trends should you keep tabs of? Get in touch with our team.

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